Sunday, February 1, 2009


I FUCKING LOVE WEEKENDS. cuz this one kicked ass. serious ass. even with me being hella annoying and obnoxious.. i dunno why so much these days, BUT YO! weekend = off the hook.
so i've decided since i get people asking what songs are on my blog, that i'll post em. i'll be posting the songs i've used in order every first of the month.. which is today.. this list will be kind of off, cause i did it from memory.. but from now on i'll keep track of the rest. it'll also be kind of extremely long because it's my first!! i might be missing some so sorry:( anyways.. chyea! here it is bitches!! now you can all make yourselves some botcho blog cds! oh the joy! relax, i'm kidding.

santogold - les artistes
brotha lynch hung - rest in piss
santogold - creator
platinum pied pipers - stay with me
lords of the underground - chief rocka
we are scientists - selective memory
arctic monkeys - fluorescent adolescent
shyheim - here come the hits
blackalicious - deception
3OH!3 - don't trust me
the vandals - fuck you, it's my birthday!
black sheep - b boys theme
lupe fiasco - sunshine
atmosphere - hold mine (ft. blueprint, illogic, eyedea, aesop)
wreckx-n-effect - rump shaker
funkdoobiest - hip hop

p.s. tribe x jordan, the world has gone mad!!!!


Anonymous said...

omg, im wet...

syntifik said...

i know right