Wednesday, February 4, 2009


if you were a boy, dangiddy dangiddy. i love you ma! thats it! ARE YOU READY TO KICK CANADA'S ASS?! give montreal the biggest snuff to the gut, spit phlegm on the streets, nikes on our feet, pimpin all over the world, since we were 13, party & bull shit, study & sleep, TWITCH (lucky!), christmas songs in june, we don't need to dance just pull down your pants, long live the fray, mcdonald's all day, venti cinnamon apple spice, a tribe called quest, power builder nipples, basketball practice, defense drills, around the field cross country laps, hip hop horray, fucka common hat, other girls just blow, roasted marshmellows, hair straightening, gettin a tan man, bring make up to camp, drive to selkirk, reppin hip hop & the 204 wherever we go.. good god. they ain't ready. let's go get em'!!

botch: now we're both 21, let's go to vegas!
teej: k, you got me?

rich: if you had to use only one utensil for the rest of your life--
botch&ma: A FORK!
rich: no way, what about soup.. and you can cut with a spoon, and you--
josh: one.. chopstick.

carm: eh whatever..................pussy. so vulgar.
botch: i like vulgarity!
carm: fuck fuck fuck, cunt cunt cunt.