Saturday, February 14, 2009


boo. valentine's day. 85% wasn't enough. he bailed. typically.

now that i uploaded all my pics, i deleted my facebook, again. wow a whole day on facebook before i wanted to delete it. i just need a free host, that uploads faster and has un-limited bandwidth! i can dream can't i. it's just too icky being on that shit man, forreals. my back's out. it fucking hurts. like really extremely badly. DAMN MOVING DESKS! never again. this day sucks. i'm like mad, but trying not to be mad, cause i already knew this was going to happen, so why be mad when you expected it right? ehhhhhhhh i ate so much today and got called fat. life rocks.


Maribeth said...

i love you! happy valentines day!

My gift to you:

today at school watched this great documentary taking a look at hip hop music and its connection with violence, misogyny, and homophobia. Definitely gave me new way of looking at the culture. But then again I'm realizing that the world is so fucked up and in reality everything is still run by rich white men who put everyone else in boxes. Anyways hope you enjoy!

syntifik said...

i just finished it. chuck d is one intellectual fuck.
white dude in the car was so fucking scared and nervous, while he's blasting 'keepin it gangsta' = irony.

thanks a lot for it. it was wicked. hip hop's hella sticky, and will remain sticky, for quite some time. i guess this is half the reason we enjoy old hip hop and underground more so.

thanks again, i loved it!