Monday, February 2, 2015



- an inner battle I faced today that I came dangerously close to losing. What's a phone call though?

I don't wanna date a fuck boy. You know how easy it is to get boys?! Suuuuuuper easy. All you gotta do is look at 'em. And they're all ready to slurp your face and grab your butt. I don't want a fuck boy though. I want to dance like an idiot with my man and have make out sessions in the morning while we recover from last night's booze adventure to some Netflix. I don't want to date these ignant fucks who tell me my butt's cute. Only my boyfriend is allowed to tell me my butt's cute, okay? And I don't have a boyfriend, so step off, fuck face.

I am not a toy.

Gawdddddd.. if you were lonely for New Year's, don't worry, Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and these boys be thirsty. Yayyyyyyy.



Anonymous said...

I'll take u out for Valentine'S Day! Seriously would, if I wasn't such a chicken shit admirer :'(