Tuesday, August 27, 2013


If someone who didn't know me asked me what life was like, I'd say, "I work my ass off then mellow out and have solo dance parties at music festivals a lot". This one I attended with my grandma, she didn't mind the naked people all over the place, and she loved my pink boots. So I really know where my inner music hippie came from.

An eclectic mix of music. Bluegrass, reggae, electronic, hip hop, rock. A little poppy, but worth every cent. $25 for a weekend?! Not to mention my uncle put on an excellent firework show!

More deets after the jump.
My uncle, a friend and my lola (grandma) picked me up straight from work. I checked his brake lights, turn signals, and we were on our way. Oh. Well of course we got lost. Four hour delay kind of lost. BUT THAT WAS OKAY.. because the weather was warm and so was the love.

We stayed in a hotel, and when we left the shit show of a party for some shut eye, we made a VLT stop.. where I won! We went back to our hotel room and I showered. I was exhausted. I had almost been up 24 hours..! Then I noticed a gift bag my lola had placed on my bed. A picture of my dad and I, and her wedding ring. Along with other jewelry and mementos, but these two by far.. had me crying all over the place.

The next night, my uncle requested the Canadian anthem to be played before he lit off fireworks. I haven't seen a firework show like that SINCE my dad's, and uggghhhh I got all emotional again. My uncle said he could feel my dad on his shoulder. The back drop of the stars, the smell of the pine, and the sky lighting up was perfect.

After more rounds of music, we stopped in Winnipeg to light off more fireworks for my dad.

It was the most life changing, special weekend of my life.. and I just had to share how ridiculously lucky and happy I am. So much love. J'adore.