Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I left high school a long time ago, well, reality high school.

But really, you never leave high school. College was almost exactly like high school, except you *kinda* study more 'cause you're paying for it. Lunch is still the same, you still have the mains that you hang out with. You still judge everybody, and have everyone judge you. After college, work. Work is the same. Lunch is still "clique-y".

I have this one girl who I say good morning to, literally every morning. She feeds me monotone greetings, sometimes not even looking up.
People "try" to be nicer, maybe, but they're really not.

We're still sucking up to the "cool" people, we're still judging everybody, we're still gossiping.

I've made a real effort this year to try and gossip less, and sometimes I feel the need to gossip, just to fit in.. but fuck that noise.
That shit is super childish, so why is growing up so hard?

Everyone around me is getting married and having kids and buying houses, yet they're up in my ear like, "UGH CAN'T STAND THAT BITCH!", yelling their good morning's to the same broad ten minutes later. There's a difference between being civil, and being fake. Being civil is acknowledging the feelings you have for people, and expressing them in the most adult, mature way possible.

I can't change everybody, shit I probably can't change anybody, but if I fully show myself, and make an effort.. just maybe we can become acquaintances, and in 25 years, I've learned that's much easier than holding the hate down.

Tomorrow, I'm going to say good morning to the same girl again. My good morning's will continue to get louder and more cheerful. I hold absolutely nothing against this girl, so kill 'em with kindness. You'll learn to love me. JUST WAIT FOR IT, I HAVE SOOO MANY JOKES.


Anonymous said...

I am trying as well i catch my myself when i try to act cool to the popular ppl but i ask myself why..I think it good that one person actually well for me to see someone seeing this .. The HS thing.. I think we all forget that ourselves is pretty awesome!! And all our jokes are funny aw well even when ppl dont think so.. More blogs I love your thoughts !!