Monday, May 13, 2013


Hey guys! Here are some summer things that I'm gonna try to accomplish! I might need some steering in the right direction, so if you see me going off track, help me, will ya?!

- Blog more.
- Write something every day.
- Put at least $500 on my credit card by July.
- Work out, I'm being lenient on this one. Take a walk, go up some stairs, do five sit ups. Fucking anything will do because working out is .. haha.
- Tie 5 ribbons at Anthony's tree.
- Be calmer, anxiety is no fun.
- Have at least one date a week with a friend/friends.
- Be nicer to everyone, even people I dislike. Forgive, and most importantly, try to have a better understanding of people.

Ugh, this all sounds hard. Love always,
the laziest bum always doing bum hobo tangs


Anonymous said...

Go get it girl especially the exercise .. Once you get started you'll get hooked :) and proud of you for the last one i am also working on that too.. Good luck!