Thursday, May 2, 2013


Let's start off with me saying, I've shown so much love for MOB through out my entire internet history. What can I say?! I'm a female, born and raised in an inner city environment, who was always surrounded by urban culture, AND streetwear. MOB fully embodies all of those things. Definitely one of the strongest female led brands to ever come into the streetwear world. They're important to this culture.
Now. Supreme. Everyone who pays any attention to streetwear at all, knows Supreme. Fuck that, even if you've kind of taken a gander toward streetwear, you know Supreme exists. If you understand and care about streetwear, then you probably dig Supreme, and support and rock Supreme to your fullest potential.
As I started off earlier, I am a female. I can remember going as far back as like.. the age of 13, wanting all of the urban gear I could get my hands on. As a female, it was, (and sometimes still is,) fucking brutal. Whenever street brands made even the smallest attempt at throwing us some gear, they seemed to all follow this stereotypical cliche. SORRY. We don't all want flower throw up on our clothes all the time.
MOB came through with that, they brought us a brand that brought us EXACTLY what we wanted. Urban clothing, for women. Fuck, at some points we even made the dudes jealous. THAT WAS SO NEW.
When I first took a glance at these stories, I was heartbroken. I remember the first tee I ever bought from MOB back in 2005, and it was just as special as the first time I saw a Supreme backpack in person. Each moment, in its own way, was magical. I was torn because I've always supported MOB, and I knew how upset they would get when other labels would use a kiss mark on their clothing. How are they going to hate on Supreme when they know how it feels?! And secondly, why didn't they just ask James for permission to use the box logo?!
THEN I READ LEAH'S STATEMENT. Like a boss, she was given the good graces by James to use the logo. THEN I GOT TO EVEN MORE THINKING, isn't all streetwear a play on terms, logos, movies, and music anyway?! WHERE EXACTLY DID THIS SUPREME LOGO COME FROM ANYWYAY? *Cough* Barbara Kruger *Cough*. I mean, you're suing 10 years after the tee was released. ALSO, when the shirt was first released, James sold the shirt at his store. Whut. This sounds like a bitter bitch fit and it's kind of disgusting. It's one thing to be a little upset someone is making cake off your art, but it's another to sue for $10 million dollars against someone you used to work with.

I love Supreme, I love MOB, but this crying business is lame.

Also, Barbara Kruger had this to say about the whole thing:
(via Complex)
What do y'all think?!
You can read what Leah (MTTM) has to say: HERE
Also, read the full story told by Hypebeast: HERE


pie said...

Seriously, so much of streetwear is about parody-ing other brands, so Supreme getting pissy is just stupid. And at the end of the day, it's a fucking box with text in it. HOW CAN YOU COPYRIGHT A COMMON WORD IN A BOX.

Then again, Apple has officially copyrighted ROUNDED CORNERS, so where the fuck is our world headed?? Everyone getting stabbed by sharp tablets, maybe.

Also, I would have loved to see the trial: old man judge with white hair yelling "supreme bitch this, supreme bitch that!" in court.

syntifik said...

@pie: FOR REALLY REAL. I mean technically Supreme stole that from Barbara too.. sooooo..
OMG, when I first heard about the rounded corners thing I died.
HAHA @ supreme bitch. LOL. Maybe he'll say "Supreme.. blank.." or "Supreme expletive". Ugh. My jokes are bad.

Also that sharp tablet joke is on point too. Basically this is the funniest comment ever. So.

music said...

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Anonymous said...

Botcho you are so dope. I don't like that MOB is throwing Supreme on EVERYTHING but fuck Supreme for crying like a bunch of bitch dicks.