Wednesday, March 28, 2012


#1: Why can't I send you bbms?!
#2: Why don't I know who this is?!
#1: Oh. Well now this is going to be fun. Purple monkey dishwasher!
#2: Lol you're funny. No wonder we're friends...
#1: I'm hilarious. Someone should pay me for this kind of material.
#2: I don't have a lot of guy friends, so u must be one of the 20 or so supermodels I've been talking to. This IS fun.
#1: I'm actually a troll living in the depths of the forest. A fairy gave me your number and a mystical box that lights up and connects me to people. She was the sweetest.
#2: That fairy knows what she's doing. She connects the right people. Fuck this might get weird, Botch. I knew it was you. Troll? Haha.

Lose. Jheff - 1. Botch... Zero.