Thursday, January 19, 2012


I was put on Lana a while back, by Lex. Immediately fell in love. Now my favorite song by her, currently, is Video Games. If you haven't heard the Jamie Woon remix of it, look it up, it's wonderful. She was on SNL though, and performed it. Her stage presence is definitely that of a new artist, but that voice! I still hate her for being that damn pretty. Is this girl even real?! Like really!? I'd feel like a fuckin' troll next to this goddess. Her voice is so angelic, and the shit she writes hits so close to home, you almost want to cry as she sings your experiences. The best part about it, is that they're also her own.. which, results in an amazing musician. LOVE HER. LOVE VIDEO GAMES. LOVE EVERYTHING. That dress! Lawd Mercy!


Nadja said...

Just discovered this song of hers:

maybe you'll like it just as I do :)

syntifik said...

Aw! Thanks for that. She's amazing isn't she!