Friday, January 13, 2012


Now before I get into my picture post from my birthday, there are a few thank you's I feel are needed. When my birthday comes along, it's right after New Year's and Christmas, so I'm pretty used to everyone bailing and wanting to just relax. It's so over-whelmingly wonderful when I get so much love. My birthday last year was an absolute gutter birthday. This year though, everyone made me feel extremely awesome, and appreciative of what I HAVE. I don't give a fuck if you don't give me shit, simple things like greetings made this day one of the BEST days in a long time. I haven't been that happy in forever! & I owe it to a few people:
My family, for attending a wonderful dinner at Ichiban. Even though I was really sick, I was really happy to have all of my favorite family members sitting at one table..! & to my lovely sister for setting the whole thing up! And my tea cup that I will use til the end of time! She does great things. To my mom who made me a beaaauutiful mocha cake. To Tina for bringing me a caramel cake, that I devoured.
To Perla, for knowing my love for Wu-Tang and jewellery, and the sweetest card ever. To Maribeth for the favorite show she put me on. To Lex, for a VERY well-written letter, that didn't need any editing! And for my new favorite gadget, my bloggie! I love it so much! To Eliza for making sure everyone knew it was my birthday and all the things she ever does for me, even when it's not my birthday. Fuck that, it's my birthday every day. Haha. To Anthony for my shirt! To Colin, for lighting off fireworks for Matt, pure bliss! And amazing eye candy type literature! To B, for my favorite Michael Cera movie! To my twerk team, for being so fabulous, all the time!
To the Greenroom staff, and Megan! An excellent and beautiful server who held the best bottle service! To Kev, for giving me a booth and for treating us so good, all the time. To Dave, for always taking my ignant ways and accepting them! And for all the good you give us! All the time. To my favorite dj's in the world, Tim and Lon! For playing my favorite songs (all the time), but even more so on my birthday! When I heard Midnight City, I nearly died, and to Tim for singing me happy birthday and making me die of laughter!

And of course, to anyone I missed, everyone I that greeted me. The BBM names, the texts, the phone calls, the tweets, the facebook messages, the letters, the blog entries, the e-mails, and to every single person that attended, or couldn't but made me feel loved anyway. *Sigh. Best birthday ever. Love you all sooo much. Thank you!!