Tuesday, January 26, 2021


It's been a long time. We've been in this panini for over a year now. We've been in LOCK DOWN for almost a year. I haven't seen anyone beyond my colleagues in FOREVER.. so when I got the vaccine, I thought I might cry. This moment in history, I was a part of it. As the nurse injected into my arm, it was like.. festivals, dances, loves, friends, family.. it all flashed before my eyes. I chose healthcare because it's a promised income, a job that will always be in demand and I wanted to help. I wanted to be part of change in the world. I did not expect healthcare to be this. I'm not complaining, just surprised.

However, I'm here. I made it. I didn't catch Covid, I was extremely careful. I was diligent. I washed my hands, I told people I couldn't/wouldn't hang out. I haven't seen my mom. I've heard Covid patients crying from pain, I promise you, that party, that hook up, that drink with "only two people" isn't worth it.

I'm vaccinated now. My symptoms haven't gone further than a sore arm, similar to when you get your flu shot. Anyways, now that I'm vaccinated, I'm gonna go lick a bunch of boys! And girls!

It's a joke.

Looking forward to what once was. Looking forward to planes and concerts and festivals and shows and drinks and food and beaches and homes. Keep pushing baby, it's going to be a while but we will get there. Grab your mask, grab your hand sanitizer, get it boo. The world is yours, and you deserve it. I love you so much.