Friday, November 6, 2020


Big love.
A poem by Botch.

I love you.
With every beat of my heart, and every song I hear.
I love you.
With every waking moment, and every empty beer.
I love you.
With every second of every minute of every hour.
I love you.
As the clock ticks on and I question if time is ours.
As I wake alone in my bed staring at the pillow that should be yours.
When I think of all the festivals, and trips and tours.
And all that I want to accomplish, and all that I want to do -
success isn't mine if it doesn't include you
I want to be a helping hand and help you grow.
I want to wake up each morning and kiss you so you know
That, oh that.. I love you.
I love you.
I want to say it again. I want to say it again.
I want to say I love you, please hear it again.
The second time heard just isn't enough 
to conjure up all the love, it's from down to up
From the ground to the sky, deeper than the bottom of the sea,
more than drops of water in a lake, as many degrees as there are degrees,
as many calls as telemarketers make at dinner time
the amount of echoes in the breeze from wind chimes
as grand as pianos in marble floored ballrooms from the first key to the last
my love is bigger for you than all the grains of sand that were made to make skyscrapers glassed
more than the amount of times I've cried when I see too cute of a dog,
that's a lot, I know you know, you've seen me sob.
your love makes me hot and when I'm not with you I'm cold
Always searching and waiting for your arms to hold 
me. The way you do.
The way I fit in that nook, puzzle pieces, two.
Ugh. You smell good. And I love that chin.
Love when we play fight, love when I win.
Love when you show me songs, and when you ask me what I'm playing
Love how the whole world disappears when it's just us, I'm saying..
I love you.
I love you.
I love you.

This is a draft, somehow it feels complete and incomplete at the same time. I'll add it to the list of unfinished poems. Wish me luck.