Tuesday, September 1, 2020


This month's playlist was based around long drives and old blog entries. Went through a few waves this month. I didn't focus too hard on discovering music, but more so, I let music discover me. This time around, I wasn't obsessing too much trying to discover bops on music blogs (which is what I was forcing myself to do as I made the transition of getting back into music). I didn't check listings or album reviews. I caught a song playing on a speaker outside, so I shazammed it. I let people play me their favorite tracks, and added the ones I liked. I went into a deep, deep, deep dive of some old Livejournal entries and listened to the ones that tugged on my heart strings in the past. Caught a few from Ubers, and Snapchats from friends. Music can come at you from any way and all ways, and this month, it totally did. This one felt very chill for me, I put a lot of time into writing this month and with that, I needed music that wasn't too heavy, but I also needed music that spoke to me. Minimal party/dancey chunes, a little more of the in your feels. Hope you find something you like.