Thursday, September 3, 2020


I keep having these weird dreams of past lovers with new girls. Oh, these new girls. They're pretty. They're skinny. They have time for nail polish and haircuts. They make time to cook meals and do outdoor activities. They have a sense of humor. They laugh when you whisper the funny thing in their ear, and their laugh echoes so sweetly. They sleep like an angel, they don't snore. They wear skirts and dresses that sway in the wind, gently and modestly. Their makeup is perfect and their eyeliner is sharp, but they don't even need makeup. They're a winner with parents and the waiter pays extra attention to them. They have a sparkle in their eye and not a blemish covers their skin, nor a scar, or a mark.

.. and then I notice.. so faintly.. a familiar sound, it gets louder, and louder and the familiarity intensifies with the increasing of every notch in volume..'re playing them songs I showed you.

And that, is my greatest fear, and my biggest delight. I will always, have that.

Hello nightmare. Sleep well.