Wednesday, November 27, 2013


I remember being sick a lot as a kid. I dunno if I was sick all the time, or if sick memories just stick out more because they're different than an ordinary day and have certain specifics about them. Anyway..


It was winter, I had the flu. I was in the back seat of the family car. My mom in the passenger, my dad the driver, and my brother beside me. I wasn't feeling too sick; in the sense that I don't recall being too hot, or too stuffy, but I suddenly had the urge to vomit. Christmas music was blaring, and my mom and dad kept giving each other these glances and smiles during their conversation. Small chuckles and Christmas hit my ears but all I could hear was my mind saying "Don't puke!". Then. It came up.
It was small, and I didn't open my mouth. It was foamy type phlegm, and not a whole lot. I just, kept it there. Inside of my mouth. I knew I couldn't puke in the car and there wasn't a garbage can in sight, so I decided to wait until we got home.
The Christmas songs and laughter continued. I had this phlegm foam puke in my mouth and couldn't wait to spit it out. Then my dad asked, "Why are you so quiet?".
"Behcuase I Pahuked", I replied. I placed the puke foam at the back of my mouth to try and reply, anyway. The words came out like my mouth was stuffed with food, and the words muffled and foamy. That was enough. I swallowed, and answered again. "Because I puked."
"What?!", he asked.
"Because I puked", I replied casually.
"Well, where did you puke?"
"In my mouth. I swallowed it", another casual response.

Then my brother just laughed and laughed. I knew I had it in my mouth because I was being a good girl. You know, not puking all over the place, doing grown up deeds. After explanations from my parents telling me that it was okay for them to pull over if I had to puke, I realized, hey, it's cool. You're still being a grown up by letting the rents know you need to puke. And also, don't swallow it for some reason. Grown ups don't like that.