Thursday, October 17, 2013


Are you like me? Are you never doing laundry and living in a chaotic mess? Are you breaking hearts un-intentionally? Do you get super wasted and wake up the next morning wondering if you're in the right city? Do you lose your debit card/keys/wallet at least once a year? Do you answer your texts hours later, days later? Are you always un-aware of what day it is? Do you forget plans? Do you buy more clothes just because you haven't done laundry? Do you order take out every day and never go to the gym? Do you have un-finished projects? Have you thought up ideas but haven't started them? Are you reading three books at the same time and confusing them? Do you own a black lab? Have you lost your license then found it then lost it again? Have you ever drove a car into the ditch because you were too focused on numbers of an address? Are you un-sure of things? Did you break your glasses a month ago but still haven't gotten new ones? Have you ripped over ten pairs of contacts? Do you change your mind all the time? Are you always judging others while trying to be less judgmental? Do you have back pain all day? Have you completely lost your mind?

WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.. then we've got just the product for you!!

It's called booze. Just give me booze. and maybe some pizza?