Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I went to Tony Roma's yesterday and was super close to ordering a steak AND ribs. This might not seem like much, but I've been a vegetarian for some odd years now, so yes. It's something. I didn't end up ordering the steak or ribs. But I still think about it. One of my best friends recently had chicken after being a veggie head for over four years, and I don't see her as a failure. I mean, I don't see it as failing. It's a choice. We just chose to eat something, right?

I go through these weird phases/self-contests. I went through a year of cutting out white rice, a three year streak of no pork, a ten year streak of no carbonated drinks. I decided to go with the whole carbonated drinks thing again, with the exception of beer. I don't know why I do these things, it's almost just a test of will power. If I was a complete health nut, I'd probably quit smoking... I haven't.

These inner battles of determination and discipline stem from a place I can't remember.

I think about burgers a lot lately.. but I feel like if I give in, I have to start from square one.

Stay tuned, I might blog a burger, steak, carbonated drink, cigarette break soon......