Monday, June 17, 2013


So even though I'm going crazy with the amount of stuff going on, I decided to better myself. A customer paid me with a $100 bill today, except it was $200 because they were stuck together. I chased him down to give him his $100 bill back.
I started collecting all the stuff I'm preparing for a huge charity donation. A lot of it is just used clothing, toys and books. There were a zillion kids outside playing today, so I strolled through the hood and handed out the toys and books.

Sometimes you just gotta go back to where you came from, and give it the good it deserves.

I'm a big stress ball walking on sunshine.
And, I love my hood for life.

Happy Father's Day, Dad.


I Was Here said...

Reading this made me feel good.
I had a shitty day today. But this here put a smile on my face.