Sunday, July 1, 2012


"Hey, this really is the greatest country in the world. We just like to help people remember that.."


Every Canada Day, I get super emotional. This past week has been a real test to see just how well I can maintain tears and laughter.. at the same damn time;) It's so easy to admire someone who gave back to the community. Someone who put on a firework display, gave out free hot dogs and burgers, free drinks, simply because.. they loved the community, and this country. I'm even luckier to have had that person as my dad.

Canada Days without you just aren't the same. Forever remembering every single thing you gave me, every single firework, every single hot dog, every single smile.. and by smile, I mean the ones you gave to thousands. You did that! You showed such love to complete strangers, and I owe every bit of kindness in me, to that.

If I could ever become even just a speck of what you are.. if ever I am JUST that, just a speck, I am thankful. You are the most amazing man to ever have graced my life, and I miss you more today than ever.. these tears keep coming, but I use the moments to keep every memory alive.

Happy 145th birthday, Canada. The greatest country in the world.