Tuesday, December 6, 2011


There's this guy I'm really good friends with. He hangs out with the same sort of artsy crowd. He's driven me home, we've shared beers, laughs, and he's EVEN cooked for me. Now, up until Sunday, I've only seen him during the night. When I say that, I really mean, I've only seen him when we've been drunk. I don't have this guy's number, nor does he have mine. It's strictly.. a party friendship.
So, during some shopping escapade this Sunday, I see this guy.. and when our eyes meet, he quickly does some what of a half smile and turns away. AND I AIN'T MAD AT THAT! IN FACT, I kind of did the same. No "hey", or "hello".. but when we're at a party, it's "HEEYYYY!!!!!!!!" and a hug!

Drunk friends, sober strangers.

Do you guys have drunk friends/sober strangers?! Or am I socially incapable of making friends when I don't have some vodka in me..?!