Wednesday, December 14, 2011



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DAY 1 - MONDAY: I meet this guy, who we shall call, Frank, for the sake of story-telling. Frank is nice, introduces himself and we have a chat about hockey. A random stranger, acting randomly kind. I didn't mind, work brings in a lot of random kind strangers, who I don't mind being randomly kind to in return. Then he asks if I have a Christmas tree. When I reply no, he says, "I could go get you one. They're only like 20 bucks!". I kindly, refused.. but said I'd ask my family, although they weren't really into it. (A kind, lie, that I made up). During this, a woman had slipped, and went into shock.. so I had to stay with her and make sure her legs were elevated until more paramedics came (Thanks college, you helped me help her).. so with all the commotion and business, I had to act randomly kind to another stranger, and he had left.

DAY 2 - TUESDAY: Frank returns. I'm a little un-comfortable with the situation, but put on my best efforts to be polite. This time, however.. he comes bearing a gift. A leather jacket. When I ask him why he brought me a leather jacket, he says, "because you're really nice, and do a great service". I say it's inappropriate, but he insists and leaves the jacket behind. In the jacket pocket, a note is left. It has the following message, "Hey. Here's my phone number", along with his phone number, hearts all over the paper, and also that there's a Christmas surprise in the other pocket. When I check the other pocket, there is a toothbrush, and a condom. I was livid. I'M NO FUCKING HOOKER. I'm HALF your age, and the fact that he even thought I would say yes to this sleepover package made me want to vomit and punch someone out. After crying with anger and trying to calm down, I take matters into the best way I know how. With this, comes the following plan: A friend, who is a police officer will come to my workplace at the same time he arrived today and will try and figure out a solution.

DAY 3 - TODAY (WEDNESDAY): My police officer friend, who we will call Max, comes in at the same time. We drink coffee for about a half hour before finally facing the fact Creepzilla isn't coming around. So, as we're about to pack our things and go.. Frank walks in. HE FUCKING CAME BACK?! Really? My hand started to shake in anger and I gave Max a slight nod. When Max asks to speak to Frank, and asks for a conversation, Frank refuses. Then Max shows him his badge. Frank complies. After a stern talking to, Frank denies he ever made any advances at me, nor did he give me a jacket or condom.. but Max assures him that he needs to leave me alone, and never come back to the area.

Now.. I try to be nice to everyone I work with, and all the people I deal with.. because that's my job. I couldn't believe that this fuckin' fuck, had the idea that he was more special than anybody else I deal with.. OR, that I would even be remotely interested in something of that nature AT ALL. I have never felt so degraded and disgusted in my entire fucking life. For my well-being, and safety, I had someone who is not only an amazing person, but a great friend, come to my rescue. I don't know how the fuck he deals with these creeps on the daily without wanting to fuck up every single one. I am nobody's one night stand, nobody's hooker, and nobody's piece of meat.. and when someone decided to treat me in such a way, I am so fucking lucky that I had the support of phenomenal people willing to make sure I was okay, and comfortable.

These fuckin' creeps need to take a look at their lives and see what the fuck they're doing. You're taking innocence and random kindness and turning that into something that no one wants to do.. solely because of their fucking fear that said stranger could be a creep. I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, bums on the street don't ALWAYS get change, but I give my symptahy and change to people I feel need an out. I give smiles and conversations to as many strangers as I can to try and show the world that not everyone is an asshole. BUT, this guy was. He was a fucking dirty, perverted, rude, thoughtless, senseless, bitch ass, mother fucking, prick.. who I HOPE, gets nothing but the fucking worst in life. Rot in hell mother fucker, and I hope to never see your face again. You're the wackest Wednesday that I've ever had in my entire life.. and for that, I wish nothing but the worst for you. Hmph. You can take your phony ass kindness and randomly shove it up your ass, cunt.

A g'day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God! That is so messed up! I'm happy you're ok! You should get a restraining order, or get people who work at security at your job to be in your area. OR JUST QUIT! Your safety is way more important than any job.

syntifik said...

thank you. all advice i will definitely take into consideration.