Friday, January 1, 2010


2009 was.. it's tough to sum up 2009 into one word. it had its ups and downs, like every other year that passed by. every new years i say how the up-coming year is gonna be so fucking bomb and everything is going to be spectacular.. which every year ends up being, in its own way i suppose. i can never look at the bad and say "this year fucking blew." because ay, if i did that, i wouldn't be able to remember all the fucking good times we had. days were pimp.. vacations and trips were live. friends were wicked. airplanes were long. money was a bitch. food was scarce. weight went up. emotions were wild.. and it was another year to throw into the books. so let's take a look back.. esco let's go.

this year i hope for higher account balances and more beer in my cup, and good people to call me when they feel like calling. a big thank you to 2009 for being memorable, and a deep punch to the gut for the bull shit/ it all comes with the lifestyle.. it's my birthday in three days. can i get a redbull and vodka in this bitch!?