Thursday, February 4, 2021


 I'm approaching that moment in the pandemic, I'm refusing to break but I'm annoyed with people not taking Covid seriously. I'm about a week away from my second shot and after that I will be completely vaccinated. The outbreak looked like it was going to be declared over at least where I work, but just a day shy from being declared over, we have a brand new positive case. I don't wanna Covid anymore. 6 days on, 1 day off. 10-14hr shifts to try and keep up with Miss Rona's demands.

I do find it crazy that I went a whole year without getting as much as a mild cold. Mind you, along with everyone being less disgusting, I have been eating well, taking vitamins and even exercising (ew).

Music and my dogs are keeping me sane. I sleep with two travel pillows on my ribs and pretend they're you. I tuck a pillow under my back and then my life doesn't feel so lonely. Sometimes my dogs snore and it gives me tiny happy boosts. I gave them both baths recently and breathing in those two after a fresh wash is like eating cotton candy at the fair. Bliss.

I hate seeing people visit others because "it's only one person" or "they're in my bubble", because that is NEVER the case. Plus I get really jealous that I'm sitting here like a dumbo, staying home, not seeing anyone aside from my colleagues. I haven't hugged my mom in a year.. but why am I doing this when everyone else is giving themselves a pass? Seems a bit silly. I miss my friends. I miss beers. I miss dancing. I miss kissing. I miss travel. Please stay home so we can all do these things again. Love to you.