Monday, November 9, 2015


Closed. Open. The door swings.
In comes you, breath short, he brings
Himself in asking how are you's and what's and where's
Long gazes and questions with blank stares
Opened. Close. The door swings.
Thought maybe I missed the phone rings
New and improved, tired and lost
Mood shot
And what not
And who not
And who's new
And new shoes
And issues
And what have you's and misuse and wrong choices and right choices
And loud voices and mixed noises
Stumbles and falls and missed calls.
Closed. Open. The door slams.
Remember which way and how fast we ran
Remember which borders and which trips and all that shit
Throwin' fits, bloggin hits and all just to open.. and close.
My back hurts, the world is heavy.
Work hard, be ready.
Anonymous texts have already started.
She's terrified from the last time you parted.
The door's yours. The floor's yours.
You have, the floor.
Say what you mean, mean what you say. Be a better you. I'm bettering me.
Opened. Close. Closed. Open. Opened. Closed. Opened.

Stand up. Land on your feet.
Stop the door, it creaks.