Thursday, January 16, 2014



Yeah. That dude totally can't dance, you're right. Sure, one of his pant legs is tucked into his socks, and he kind of smells like paper mache. Okay fine, his shoes are falling apart, and he keeps fist pumping.. but look at how happy he is. Everyone is here tonight to have a good time. Let this guy do his thing. Don't make fun of him. Well, if you do, please do it quietly so he doesn't hear you. He has every single bit of courage to not worry about how he looks or how he's dancing. He OR she is at this party for the exact same reason as you. We all wish we could get up and be that weirdo, we're just too self-conscious to admit it. God I wish I was wearing a tutu over my jeans right now. This person understands life so much better than I do. Party on weirdos, let's all get a little weirder. I promise if you dance a little closer to that weirdo they'll totally accept your vibes and give you a fuck load of theirs.

Oh. Hi. Welcome to my first installment of party tips. I'll be back with more soon. Until then, if you have a party tip you'd like my opinion on, say so in the comments below. P.s. Damn, you look good today.


pie said...

Love this. I definitely hide some of my "damn, I wish I could just get up and shake it right now" moments with some Judgey McJudgerson shit, and I've been working hard to change that...without the alcohol assistance (or at least with less). I mean, who doesn't wanna be that guy, who doesn't give a fuck what you think and can have the time of his life anywhere, anytime?

syntifik said...

I was once that girl too, boo! I only gave it up a couple years ago. "Seriously what is that?!", not anymore! We gotta get off that Judgey shit and all dance together. So come see me and let's party:)