Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Two more weeks of freedom; then we gotta kiss our fun life good-bye. Half of me is really stoked since I haven't been in school since winter, the other half is just like, "UGGHHH BITCH CUNT FUCK I DON'T WANNA!!". So, you know. It's a good balance.
Three of the classes on my schedule I've already taken, so hopefully I can some how get out of them? Yeah, let's hope for that. Bitter sweet you guys, I'll miss you all. Ha.
Life has been super busy! Helping my dude out with a magazine, still editing, still really, really, behind in editing, still haven't painted, still loaftin'. When you're on your feet/looking at a computer screen for twelve hours, you don't want to paint like.. at all. In all honesty, I haven't painted since like the week I bought paint. Take your judgements somewhere else!

So basically, life is busy but I ain't getting shit done. HOORAH!


Anonymous said...

So I've been on your blog all day at work. This playlist is killer.

syntifik said...

thank you!