Thursday, September 22, 2011



SO.. in order.. Let me thank the cities that visit this blog on the daily.. In order from the least amount of visits to the most.. Chicago, Sao Paulo, London, Baytown, Los Angeles, Fredericksburg, Sydney, Calgary, Ottawa, Norfolk, Auckland, Vancouver, Regensburg, New York, Montreal, Winston Salem, Houston, Scarborough, Brampton, Toronto.. and of course, WINNIPEG. One day I'm going to visit all of the previous mentioned.
Thanks for taking me for me, reading my rants and asshole type words. Thanks for coming back when I don't post for days. Thanks for referrals, and visits. Just thanks. I'll blog til the death of me. That's word. I know 1000 posts isn't much, especially compared to my old blog.. but just hitting that mark has made me feel satisfied in knowing that I've let out that much.. SO AGAIN, thank you.



Nadja said...

I was just catching up on your older posts because recently I was not able to follow your blog on the regular and I wanted to say thank you! You really made my day by mentioning these cities including mine - Regensburg :) Thanks to you I started loving Nas, The Weeknd and Frank Ocean, discovered many other musicians and bands and you even made me read a book that was somewhere mentioned on your blog (skinny bitch)...
So thanks for that Botch and keep on blogging cause I enjoy reading your rants and asshole type words a lot! :) xo

syntifik said...

Aw ! This is one of the best comments I have ever received! Thank you so much ! I'm sad I didn't see this earlier, but glad I finally did. Thank you for the support, all my love times a zillion trillion. Xoxoxoxoxo