Monday, January 16, 2017

Thoughts with BPM.

BPM was such a remarkable experience for me. There is such a close-knit sense of community that follows this festival, and everyone seems to be there for the music. When I heard about the shooting that happened last night, I was beyond disbelief. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN? At truly one of the most loving festivals where everyone gets along? I remember waiting for a while as my bags were searched before entering *most* venues but I imagine security will get a lot tighter. Truly saddened for the 5 who lost their lives, as well as the 15 injured, and so thankful friends who went are okay.
Things like this should not be happening. It is so scary to think that these happy times can change so quickly. Blue Parrot holds such good memories for me, and now for others - the memories are so tragic.

Beyond devastated, I hope everyone affected by this finds their peace. Love to the BPM community.