Monday, November 3, 2014


In case you haven't seen the video:

Now, watch this:

OKAY. Now let's discuss. First things first, WHAT IS THIS MAN EVEN SAYING?! Never, ever, has a catcall boosted my self-esteem. Catcalls have made me feel dirty and degraded though, and THAT's what catcalling is. Saying women should "carry a gun", or "carry mace", is RIDICULOUS. Tell me how that is different than "don't get raped" and "don't rape". Everyone should treat everyone with respect. That is it. No question. It shouldn't have to be questioned. Has a relationship ever begun from a catcall? Find me one. If you are truly interested in a female, do something less gross, please. We love non-gross things. That's it, that's my guide to woo a female: do something that isn't gross.