Monday, October 6, 2014


I don't want to write.

I don't want to have to say the things about the things and the stuff and thing and then do it.

I just want to not and sleep and nap and cuddle and it's cold and why.

I don't want to get mean text messages or cry or be pregnant.

I want to be pregnant one day but not now because puppies are hard.

I don't want to file things or organize or yell at students.

I just want to smell my boyfriend and be happy and eat pizza.

I don't want to pay bills or people or things that's dumb.

I just want to buy expensive shit that looks good and feels good.

I don't want to be materialistic though and don't want to flex like I'm somebody.

I just want to be a nobody in the corner where it's dark to listen to rap.

I don't want my Texas pal to hurt or be alone.

I just want her to be held and hugged and loved and special.

I don't want to blog right now.

I just want to Netflix and I don't want to laundry but I am because you must try or you'll smell bad and don't do that.