Tuesday, December 17, 2013


There is something so beautiful about Gambino. This man has so much talent. I haven't listened to "Because the Internet" yet. I don't personally iTune, and I refuse to listen to it until a hard copy is in my hands. With the exception of "3005", of course. I'm terrified to listen to it. I mean, the whole Instagram thing, the whole depression thing, the whole suicide and drugs thing makes me teeerrified. I won't not listen to it, though, because I'm also just as insanely excited.. As much as I'm expecting this album to be dark, I'm also expecting it to be an honest masterpiece.
I also hope, that Gambino can find himself again, and enjoy his work. I've always thought that multi-talented intellects find themselves depressed because they know too much. They see too much bad, and see too much good. They seem to have escaped the blindfolds we all put on.

Anyways, this freestyle kicks butt and so does he and please buy his album, and if he ever quits music or acting or writing or film-making or producing or stand-up, then for fuck's sake, support that too. Do you Gambino, you're the best at whatever you decide.. and if "Because the Internet" ever ends up being the last thing you create, I'll be sad but thankful. You the man, dawg.


Mariah said...

I loved CAMP! Because the internet has a different vibe but still enjoyable.



syntifik said...

yes totally!! @mariah