Saturday, August 21, 2010


this week has been fucking crazy.. let's take a quick re-cap since i've been off the detailed bloggin tip for quite some time.. i've been working my fucking ass off while partying hard in between. my body shut down on me last night after some heavy hitting. i layed in bed shivering my ass off, ignoring all phone calls that had a subliminal ringer, of which i'd like to name, "yo botch pick up your phone!! let's fucking party!!". i couldn't. my head was spinning, i was all stuffed up, kickin it in sweats and a hoody trying to warm my body.. BUT after smothering myself in vapo-rub, i am back to my a-game.
i've been dealing with payment after payment while trying to leave some pennies in the bank account. i work so fucking hard and find myself with empty pockets. new york is putting me in the craziest amounts of debt, and i could honestly give a fuck. i am so stoked for new york that money problems don't matter at all right now. who needs full pockets when you have full experiences?!
& i'll keep going if you get lost between god and a shot of scotch.

with bills up the ass, and shit that keeps breaking, it's hard sometimes to see where the money goes. i still don't have a blackberry charger, i have a credit card that's maxed, applications worth too much, dog medicine, puppy shots, dog&puppy food, and a wardrobe addiction that could put rich people to shame.. but fuck it. just.. fuck it. air in my lungs and good people in my circle, for right now.. that's all i fucking care about. no money in the bank account with a plane ticket to new york, i'm happy. who needs a plasma when you're just.. happy?
grippin grain was fucking amazing. lonnie never fails to throw shit down. i will step up to the plate and say that he is definitely my favorite dj right now, and that's not me saying that because he's a friend. he plays ill shit.. without the lame ass cuts and siren mixing. it's hip hop i can appreciate.. and jump to.
the lo was a spontaneous night. it ended up being stupid good. tim is another amazing dj, and deserves his dues. music is so goooood right now. i got so wasted i was walking around without shoes on.. and lawwd knows how i make fun of those girls. sunnuvah bitch, i became one of them! it was also nice that tina came. whenever we party, we're the exact same. we highly enjoys the jumping and the laughing, and the beer.. and it's nice that we live in the same hood.. gettin' home has never been so fun.
summer is in full effect right now. with the tan lines to prove it. it's kind of odd that summer raging is coming into play so late in the game, but fuck.. if anything, i feel that this is just making my summer last longer.. and i'm up for that shit.
i've had enough drama this month to have a reality show that would clear out the rating charts by billions, but i won't complain too much. i said to my brother the other day, "bad shit always happens to us.. but fuck it! we're still here!". yeah fuck it. i can't believe the copious amounts of absolute fucking bull shit i've been through, but i'm not going to step down anytime soon. i might bust a few tears out here and there, punch a few walls in, have a few knuckles bleed, lose my sanity for a few minutes, but at the end of the day.. at the end of the fucking day, i'll stick my chin in the air.. and not only for myself, but for everyone feeding me this shit. no matter what happens, i got a right middle finger, and a left middle finger. two in the air and i'm stronger than five minutes ago.
maribeth is newly single and newly raging. which works for me..! i love her and bianca til death and the chillage has been non-stop and i dig it. i can't get enough of these two.. i seriously just.. can't. their music passion grows every day and bianca has become a pretty appreciative hip hop head.. she's discovered a world that she digs, and i'm stoked. hip hop does wonders.
tina has been down for whatever lately. i thoroughly enjoy how we can sit and stare at the ceiling without either of us thinking "this is boring".. i love this kid with my life, and i can't thank her enough for everything she's done for me lately.. like feed me. hahahaha.
lize and i have been getting at each other's throats non-stop. the mean muggin and attitudes have been more common than christmas trees in december. we're both in a struggle right now where we have to learn how to deal with things appropriately and i think it'll take awhile before we get there. no matter what happens, i love the girl.. no matter how much we ice eachother. these past few days have been better, and i look forward to moving to exactly that; forward.
aggie's radio show went well, it was nice to get in behind the scenes to see what it was all about. that shit is basically a party behind a microphone, and i was all for it, even with the longest hangover ever. i was chicken shit to talk, which is weird cause i usually make my voice known. i hope to come back and not be as chicken shit.. but real talks, i love this girl and how passionate she is about what she does. seeing her in that state really made me see her in a new light. do you mama, it's all about new york now.
i'm making moves, they're slow as fuck but i'm doing it.. which is big and scary for me. it takes a lot for me to do something, and when i do, i do it big. go hard, or go home.

for a second, i was ready to cry my ass off while everything went to shit because there was absolutely nothing i could do to change my situation. ups, and downs. ups and downs. it's always a fucking rollercoaster ride, but what you gonna do? stop acting like a pussy botch, treat that shit as a cold night and grab a jacket. there's always a day of sunshine in the future, and when there's not.. take some time out of your day to blog about it.

stuffy nose? fuck it. fights? fuck 'em. drama? fuck it.
my name is botcho.. try and test me.


Maribeth said...

yesterday I wore heels that gave me three blisters... needless to say I was probably spotted and made fun of walking on Osborne with no shoes -_-

i'm so happy you get to go to rock the bells in nyc. i'm so jealous i don't get to see lauryn hill do her miseducation album. i'm so proud that to call you my best friend =)

p.s. i'll try to blog more... just so i can get back on the side links LOL

Anonymous said...

I read that in it's entirety. Speaking of entirety, lol, I too, will be in New York for RTB. But, I live here. I'm going to say hi if you're not as intimidating in person.

Btw, these are my favorite kind of entries from you.


syntifik said...

maribeth: no shoes rules.. !! it's so much easier to rage without shoes. they are suck a setback! walking down the osborne without shoes might be the only place where you can do it without getting made fun of. that shit looks normal there!! lookin' forward to the bloggin.. when it happens!

#2: kinda creepy! hahaha.. but forsure! do it. just say my name otherwise i'll freak out and keep walking.. that is if you even see me!? & thank you.