Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I got you forever, B. Don't wanna polly with us thunn, thunn. It's funny how your fave rapper is Talib, mine is Nas, yet whenever I think of us.. I think of Mobb Deep. I think it's cause of that time I dj'd your place while you made music videos. Remember to the speakers popping?! "Shorty, I'm only here for one night..", bew boh bewwwww, BEW. Uh, hi. Happy birthday. We've known each other for .. 11 years now. And hawwoww, what a ride it has been.
I know we have moments where we jump in and out of each other's lives, but this past year has been one for the record books. You, dear child of mine, have been one of the people I have grown to respect the most. You've got a strong mind, a beautiful soul, and the warmest heart. Barely ever lining up for the complaint department. AND, if I was working a job, teaching like three different classes, going to school full time, and keeping a Botch from falling apart, I dunno.. I feel like I'd have a ton of complaints. You're super mom before even becoming a super mom.

Thanks for being so awesome, dude. I love you and your face.

Happy birthday.


Maribeth said...

ahhhh thank you so much botch! I vividly remember that day we played dj on my stereo system. where did we get the time to do such ridiculous things? lol.
This year has been amazing... 2012 filled with real friends, real talks, and memories to last a life time. ehck cheesy right? but so true. i love you so much! - maribeth

syntifik said...

really, where did we get the time?! were we skipping class?!
2012 has been just that.
love you too, momma.