Thursday, June 18, 2009


NOMNOM @ the jump!

seriously. my non-existing balls, they sweatin. i was gonna go to school after downtown today, but i decided not to. instead i took a run through the district..!! wow. it is hot bitches, bitches it's hot. "I JUST WANNA BE NAKED!" ahahahha. so good.
i got like five new mosquito bites to add to my collection.. if i could some how find a way to sell them, i would be rich. BILLIONS OF DOLLARS stacked right in my pocket..
it's hot outside.
really.. extremely.. deathly .. hot.
the amount of hotness could be compared to the amount of grains of sand on a beach./
it's so hot that my lipstick melted.
it's so hot that my sunglasses almost slipped off my face from sweat.
it's so hot that my fucking seatbelt burned me.
it's so fucking hot.. hotter than that actually, it's a fucking desert in this piece!
yo.. it's hot.
everyone needs to hop off drake's dick forreeeaaaaaaalllllll.. he's pretty fun but hes not that great.. every time someone says something about drake, i vomit a little in my mouth.
people have been telling me that one of my picture posts hasn't been working.. apparently it turns black after only one picture and you can't view the rest.. well i found a solution, and that is to refresh cause i dunno wtf the problem is ahahahhaha.. i'll do a run through my html later, but i think it's because of the expandable post i widgeted, either a) wait for that shit to load son, or b) refresh it.. sorry :(
battle of the blogs!! botcho vs. jason au.. who will take the crown!? i dunno, we'll see in a month!! 5YN-TIFIK DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM!! repeat. 5YN-TIFIK DOT BLOGSPOT DOT COM!! memorize that shit and visit me daily..! jason au's blog is
i need conditioner and i can't afford it. that's how broke i am. i done been using that "2 in 1" shit and ick. yuck. gross. i have never appreciated conditioner more in my
fack i am so excited about music right now!! "lu don't moo (move), no cow-words (cow-herds/cowards) you've only heard (herd) lines (lions)" UHM. what! lupe you on some next level shit.

also.. i never really been on that gladiator sandals tip, i think they look kinda silly unless they're worn with jeans. some girls make em' work, i just don't think i could personally.. although, i have had some fashion mistakes in my day, plenty actually.. i just really love tacky shit, and sometimes i take things a little too far.. well today i saw these.. and i'm not too sure what to think..

with jeans and a tee i honestly think this should could look hella fly.. hella fly or completely bomb. there's no in between, it's a win or lose for these bad boys. nike is on some shit!! good/bad, i dunno!!

internet browsing brings you some good shit..

okay, moving on.. i had lunch with maribeth after the gym.. my pita was the bomb diggidy and so was the day. so here's something for your eyes fuckahs! in sequence, lunch dids, hip hop book readings, cutting my leg:(, vice vice vice, the best "don't" i have ever read.

what can i say bra? you're not too shabby.


Anonymous said...

Lupe's gonna be so pissed you have this song on youre blog! LOL

kanJay Chedda said...

oh we battling blogspots now? son!!!! haha

syntifik said...

anonymous : perhaps.. but i intend to buy lasers, and putting the song up is really encouraging readers to buy it too!! .. yeahhhh thats what im sayinnnn

jason: you started it with the "im gonna have more hits than you"!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW! i wish you plenty years of sneakers that arent yeezys and nice teeth forever!!

Anonymous said...

that tampon picture just made my day

Maribeth said...

tampon made by your friendly neighbor maribeth

you know said...

omfg.. i cannot type for my life. i meant to say that tampon comment was made by your friendly neighbor maribeth.

syntifik said...

AHAAHAHAHAHA LMAO.. i didnt know you made tampons.. nigga you is hustlin'
whatever u gotta do to get that paper mayne

rodrigues said...

you reading and taking pictures of that hip hop book reminds me of that first weekend of us in Toronto in chapters looking at that other hip hop book and taking a pic of slick rick and his quotes