Friday, June 19, 2009


tonight, ima rock out with my cock out.

- get an autograph
- go to a concert
- feed a homeless person
- don't finish the belmonts
- see tj
- get bianca to spit a raekwon line

i'm thinking of making six goals every weekend.. i mean i'm more than likely not going to get all of them done, but yo.. this is my attempt to get my list semi-complete.

last week's weekend goals:
- take 1000 pictures
- don't lose your cell phone
- introduce yourself to a stranger
- game seven, game seven, game seven

- pimp slap a hoe
- paint the town drunk
5 out of 6, i did pretty good

ON ANOTHER NOTE.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON AU! you fuck! i hope you get smashed and don't remember anything tomorrowwww.. and i'll see you later, maybe.. oh and if you don't know who jason au is, you can check out his blog at >=).. i'm also doing another video week, starting today! cause i have a billion videos, but i'll do some of them under the cut so it's not as mandatory as the first one..
RICHARD! where did your phone go?! fucker i need to put you on something!
uhm it's hot. i have so much shit to do and i am sittin here like a mother fucker.
i still haven't listened to cuban linx 2, i have that shit but i havent listened to it, i suck.


have you ever walked in on an orgy? ben has. while conducting this interview, i forgot to ask a very crucial question, did they even notice you ben!? or did they just keep going?! .. awkward!

ciao !


rodrigues said...

I'm on a boat