Thursday, June 4, 2009


bottom of the 9th. bases loaded. then you know the next one's coming right down the middle, you connect. over left field, and out the park.. and all of a sudden, you get this world series kind of feeling.

i COULD write a long entry about you. i COULD make this 40 paragraphs. i COULD edit it for hours and change sentences with every time i read through it. i COULD write a million times, i absolutely COULD, but it would never be perfect.. not even perfect, it would never be good enough.. because words don't do ya justice kid. i'm absolute mush because of you, but i don't mind being mush. it feels good. kind of like sunshine and raindrops dripping off of fresh leaves. kind of like a teaspoon of honey in a cup of tea. kind of like the stanley cup. kind of like technics to hip hop. kind of like slipping your foot into a brand new pair. kind of like the feeling in your mouth after you brush your teeth. kind of like waking up in the morning and realizing it's saturday and you can sleep in. kind of like finding ten dollars in the pocket of your jeans. kind of like a buzzer beater, or superkid ice cream.. or tying your laces for the first time all by yourself. it's not exactly like all of that, but it's KIND OF like that, and i kind of like it.


Anonymous said...

That's fucking beautiful.

syntifik said...