Friday, April 13, 2012


Diiirrrrtttttyyyy 30. So we're here. You're 30! 30 is the new 20, so I expect nothing less of you..!

You're one of the spunkiest, wildest, biggest firecrackers to ever step into my life. Along with that though, you have a supportive shoulder for me to cry on. Which I never cry on 'cause I'm such a G. In all honesty though, I fully admire the craziness in you. It makes me laugh in pitches only dogs can hear.. and I appreciate that you've been there to tell me that everything I do is okay. I appreciate that you've never judged me, and took what I do in this world and thanked me for it. You're one of few that actually take the time to tell me how good of a job I'm doing, and you always seem to do so at the hardest moments.
So even with our stubborn-ness clashing together sometimes, I am always fully aware of one thing.. If I was stuck in the middle of nowhere, in a snowstorm, and I was drunk out of my mind and had no money.. You'd drop everything (possibly even a date with Diplo?) and come get me.. and for shit like that, I am so lucky.
When we were kids we weren't nearly as close as we are now. I think we spend more time together than we do eating and sleeping combined. Actually, we do a lot of that together too! Fine by me. Your jokes, your huge heart, your dancing, your smile.. 30 years of greatness, my lovely, let that part of you shine always. It's something we all adore and want to see for the rest of our time.

Xoxo, happy birthday.


I Was Here said...

Happy bday Liza! See you soon!! XO

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Liza! I'm just a fan of you as I am of Botcho. More more more! LOL.

- Chi-Town!