Monday, August 23, 2010




i think the best part about rappers dropping mixtapes is that it's strictly about the music. they go fucking hard to get their name up. j cole is that shit right now.. and i really want him to make drake fall to his knees and say "i honor you".. and with shit like this, it's gonna happen. i am so in love with j cole right now. so so so in love. it's nice to see younger lyricists come into the game speaking loud. j cole just wants his voice heard, and it's time more people get to listening.

this mixtape is full of emotion. "it won't be long" hits hard. i literally almost teared up while listening to it. the beat is mellow and doesn't sound like anyone could rap over it.. but he does.. and he does well. his cadence is smooth, with that j cole swag. after listening to this you want everything to be thrown at him, with someone saying "here kid, you can have it all. you deserve it".
"bun b for president" is basically homage to bun b. not sure how i feel about it. lyrically it's well.. but i'm iffy on it only because i'm not sure how i feel about bun b. & i'm never really down for money rap. rarely ever. so i just skipped the song. lemme know what you think, and if thoughts are positive, i'll give it another go.
"problems". WOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!! this might just be the best song of the fucking year!!!! i know i say that too often, but music just keeps getting better. all about the fucking struggle man.. all about the struggle man.. and when you take such a simple beat and fuck the shit out of it, to make it sound like there were fifty thousand producers on that shit.. UNH! ughhhhh.. sooooo good. intro goes, "dear mrs. bill collector/ i know you're just doin' your job don't mean to dis-respect ya/ but we been going through this pain since way back/ told you when i get the dough i would pay back/".. no fucking hard punchlines. just rap.. might be a little depressing for some.. but it's that struggle that takes you back to why hip hop should be used.. to get out of this shit.. and that's the kind of hip hop that makes you think and realize, no matter where you're at.. no matter how tough shit is, you're never alone. "my middle finger to the law, i'm bussin' off tryna touch the sky/ my teacher said 'impossible' but ima fuckin' try".. wowww. big song. big fucking song.
"lights please" totally different song.. all about girls and sex.. which can sometimes be a lose for me, but i dug it. "all she ever want me to do is un-hook her bra/ and all i really want is for her to go down low/ before you know it, she wet enough to get drown slow../" made me laugh. "how you made the darkness seem so bright".. like what! aw. cute na cute naman! young chris doesn't totally kill the song either. it's not bad.
"premeditated murder" had a few metaphors i wasn't too proud of. that othello line, yucky.. this song was a little too cliche for me.. it had some good lines and some bad ones.. "i'ma kill the game, and invite witnesses/ no death penalty, i'm givin life sentences/ like keep grindin boy, your life can change in one year/ & even when it's dark out, the sun is shining somewhere/" was ill. that whole second verse was ill.. worth the listen, but not my fav.
"THE BLOW UP"!! typed in caps because it deserves nothing less! hahaha. hungry! hungry! j cole is fucking hungry! GET FED DIRTY! lovelovelovelovelovelove. squint your face and mean mug bitches! big tune!
"shook ones freestyle" i had to. CMON! mobb deep's shook ones is one of the dirtiest beats of all time.. and j cole doesn't ruin it. however, it does seem a little forced. he rhymes a little fast over it, and it didn't completely go over me.. but paying homage to mobb deserves some hands in the air.. and his lines help you to forget how rushed his flow in. i'm not even sure if he was really rapping that fast or if they sped it up.. cause it kind of sounds like they did..
"who dat" is fire.. i remember when i first saw this vid online i nearly died. watched that ten times in a row. THIS SONG IS AMAZING !! this song goes so fucking hard. it hits you in the fucking face and makes me wanna scream "FUCK YEAH! J COLE!".

"suddenly your idols is your competition"..

1. Holding Me Back
2. It Won't Be Long
3. Bun B For President
4. Problems
5. Lights Please Feat Young Chris
6. Premeditated Murder
7. The Blow Up
8. The Last Stretch
9. I Really Mean It Freestyle
10. In The Morning
11. I'm Comin
12. Shook Ones Freestyle
13. Higher
14. Who Dat
15. Funkmaster Flex Freestyle (ice cream beat freestyle so dirty)
16. Obstacles

overall, it's a good mixtape, and i don't think i'll ever expect anything less from j cole. he never fails man, never fails. & i'll give it a 3.5/5. & that's only because j cole is the man, and i expect his next mixtape to be a 5/5.. which i know it will be. don't sleep. j cole is it.. and you can get it! for free.. right here: CLICK