Tuesday, August 17, 2010



i thoroughly enjoy wearing things other girls wouldn't.
i kind of have this weird obsession with leonardo di caprio. SERIOUSLY! DUDE IS SUCH A BOSS! catch me if you can, the departed, inception.. dude is fuckin ill as fuck. i love him. i love leo as much as i love the goodfellas.. and that my friends, says a lot.
i wish i had a bigger closet. shit can't fit half the clothes that i don't wear.
i LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE make up.. but my make up is always the same. thick ass eyeliner, bronzer, and lip gloss. YOOO, i love lipgloss. i would wife lipgloss.
i haven't worn make up since friday.. and that is big for me.
i drink redbull almost every day. my mojo so dope.
i've been thinking about getting rid of my cell phone for a hot minute. technology makes people so fucking lazy.
i LOOOOOOVVVEEEE JERSEY SHORE. i love snooks. i love jwow. i love vinny. like love. lol. i might need an intervention for watching re-runs more than four times a week. somebody help me.
my new credit card came in.. and it's really shiny. it screams trouble.
i make bomb ass spaghetti. ask anybody, my spaghetti's so good, it almost hurts that you have to eat it.
i wish i was half an inch taller.
i want to get inked. i'm hoping it happens within a month cuz i am itchin for some ink in my bloodstream.

i just wanna party all the time.


Gemini 5ive "F110" said...

Anyone that is a Leo fan is alright with me!!!!!! <3

syntifik said...

haha leo is the fucking man!! i heart him for life.