Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i consider myself very lucky.. which is kind of contradicting with me thinking i'm not so lucky. oh, i'm extremely contradicting, without notice.
i bash people A LOT. like if i see a fat person, i quietly mouth to myself "whoa".. which is horrible.. i know. alex says that when you have kids, they're going to resemble the people i make fun of. i'm going to have fat babies.. but that's fine with me cuz i love babies >=)
my cousin and i have this inside joke about poison, in a witch voice. it all started one day when we were eating hot dogs. she asked if i wanted one, but before i could answer, she said "poison hot dogs". as a joke, to reference me to not eat them cuz she wanted them to herself. soon, everything had poison in it.. and you have to say it in a witch voice to make it more evil. & also now, everything is evil. "gooooodness it's hot today *cackle*". you may think it's silly now, but you should see how many people we done put on poison and witch voices.
i seriously believe i can make things go the way i want to.
i keep a lot of secrets. people have told me things that i have never re-told. people have also told me secrets that i've re-told.. but the big ones i keep lol.
whenever someone asks me what i think of a person, i immediately think "how will this person react".
i don't think i've gone a day without cussing since.. i was fifteen.
i want an extremely extravagant birthday next year. so extravagant, i have peacocks or something crazy.. cmon lotto.
between the ages of 11-16 were so awkward for me. i was super skinny, and my braces were retarded, my hair was always curly and poofy and i wore the ugliest mixmatched 90's clothing.. but if i put that together now, shit i'd be a fuckin' hipster.
i believe the whole world should revolve around me. i'm a cocky mother fucker. yet, i can't take compliments. i get nervous and awkward :/

my name is botcho & this is my blog.