Tuesday, August 24, 2010


i'm crazy. when it comes to emotions and words, i.. am crazy. i am outspoken and rude, and blunt.. and even with all of that, i struggle really hard to hold A LOT back. if something's on my mind, i do everything in my power to hold it back, and that usually winds up with me taking it out on other people.
i thoroughly enjoy graphic design. really, i do. i enjoy making things pretty. i enjoy creative projects. when it comes down to doing things that involve literature, or artwork, i am sooo game. however, my self-esteem, when it comes to my creative side, is reeeeeeally low.
i ALWAYS, ALWAYS, pack last minute. i have NEVER, not ONCE, in my entire life.. and i'd like to think i travel a lot compared to most.. but not ONCE, have i ever packed more than 24 hours prior. i'm going to go ahead and say more than 12 hours prior to leaving my departure city. i have ALWAAAYYS been packing right before heading to the airport, ALWAYS.
i'm also a really light packer.. usually people complain about over-packing, and i never have. i'm usually fine with what i bring too.. i think the only thing i've ever forgotten while traveling has been my retainer.. and even still i was like, "dammit.. oh well!". hahaha. it was only four weeks, so no big.
winnipeg has my heart, and toronto has my soul. both cities have my un-dying love.. which is why i jump frequently between the two.
i love biting.. if i bite you, take it as a sign that you're an amazing person. coming from me, it's a sign that i think you're fantastic. haha. i bit this one guy once, but more like, make-out bite.. and like four bites in he was like "ow.. SHIT!" and my first thought wasn't that i hurt him.. my first thought was "this will never work out". harhar.. there was only like a speck of blood, man up you pussy!

my name is botch, and this is my blog.


jHefff said...

half-asian, half-white......half pirate.... and half vampire?!?!
oh yea that totally explains why you love HipHop so much, it's such an obvious correlation lol.
I mean, vampires and pirates have had the biggest influence on rappers since never. =P

syntifik said...

hahah.. don't be mad i know some things about my ancestry! i'm actually less than half asian/ ahhaha.
and rappers like gold? and night?
two very vampire and pirate things!
and i never said i was part vampire. it was magician. pay attention at our dates!

jepoy said...

lmao magician I forgot! And you just told the whole world that you bite people so who ain't paying attention?!....half cannibal...

syntifik said...

hahaha i don't care who knowssss.. i bite people so what! maybe now people won't be so "ahh wtf!!" when i bite them now that it's out in the open.