Friday, July 2, 2010



aaanddd all you gotta do for full view, is get lost between god and a shot of scotch.

the night started off with some heavy pre-gaming.

meet my cousin eliza.. she drinks vitamin water.. ahaha just kidding, we just don't like doing dishes!

this is my cousin aldrich, we have a million pics together, brace yourselves.

my personal first time trying silent sam.. it left us everything but silent.

trooper downing the 1/3 that was left. troopah!

AND THEN.. we walked across the street.

to meet up with more happy cousins:)
check out the dance battle in the background. HATS VERSUS NON-HATS ! hahaha. just kidding. looks like it though right?!

lonnie how i've missed you buddy.. and look how sober i play!

told you, one million.

thousand trillion.

ariel always seems to steal the show.. he's not my cousin. ahahha.

dammit ariel, i'm too drunkk for this shit.


it's the roots!

that's fucking questlove right there!

black thought murdered shit, wrapped it back up, opened it, and murdered it again.

i kept screaming things like "BLACK THOUGHT PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!"

he was busy though

i know these pics are like, blurry as shit, but my hands were shaking and i kept standing and falling and my cousin kept standing and falling on me ahahha.

so you're gonna have to deal.

i love music!

can i be part of the roots crew? please?

i play a mean triangle.. and by mean, i mean i haven't tried but i'm sure i can do it.

i bet you guys could really use a triangle.

yes bitches, yes.

they were giving out their drum sticks, autographed..!!
.. i did not catch one. hahahaha.

hip hop and sneakers go hand in hand.

they play with so much heart, it's retarded.

questlove, high five?!

no? no high five? cool.

he took a picture for his twitter.. dude was twittering up a storm.

calm, cool, collected.

amazingly cool dudes, super chill, super laid back.

damon didn't like this one so he asked for another.. and he put on his sunglasses:(

i didn't like the sunglasses so we needed another.

we shoulda stuck with the first one.

sooo after finishing a shit load of silent sam and some blazing.. we get there.
we had a sweet spot, about two rows away from the stage in a side box. i would stand on the chairs, and then fall off. my cousin would stand, and fall. i am so surprised i did not lose anything, cause i was so drunk. i remember eating the ketchup chips that my cousin snuck in for me.. and i thought that was the sickest thing in life!
anyways.. when they did "you got me" i nearly died. we were all singing in unison. it was beaaaauuutttiiifffuuul. hearing that shit live was something on another level. everything sounded so much more crisp and hard, whilst still smoothing your soul.
they back tracked between old, with A LOT more new stuff than old. which didn't surprise me, but kind of made me sad. haha.. but i get it, it's their tour to promote their new shit.. WHICH IS STILL GOOD.
the best part about this show was the group of old people beside me who stayed sitting while everyone was standing.. clearly not their scene.. they were trying to groove and about fifteen minutes in they left. why would you leave a show you payed $60 to go see?! and who cares what baldy thinks, one guy was actually feeling it but he followed the bald guy. silly grownups.
their energy from start to finish was turned up to their full potential. they poured their heart and souls into their performance and i couldn't have been more happy. we got to the after party, and i for some reason thought it was a good idea to drink more beer.. I GOT REEEDICULOUSLY SLOPPY.. blacked out a few times, didn't know where i was. but whatevah!! quest's set afterward was INSANEEEE!! he is officially my favorite dj..!! i need to get a questlove set burned ASAP! or.. he needs to sell that shit!! does he sell it?! I WANT IT! someone! tell me.
aaaaaaaaand meeting people with such talent, AND MODESTY, was more than i could ever ask for.
IF YOU HAVENT SEEN THEM YET, FLY, WALK, RUN, WHATEVER IT TAKES.. get to them. it's worth every fucking penny!
BEST CONCERT I'VE BEEN TO THIS YEAR. & that's saying a lot!!


- DE

it is what it is people!


iLikeDibs said...

The first time i saw the roots live, was actually on TV (yeah i know technically not in "person", but live nonetheless). they did an in Da round special for Da Mix with Master T (do u remember his hair, oh man) i've heard so many live renditions of "you got me", its probably my favorite part of their shows, even though its the longest song they play you never want that shit to fucking end. hip hop at its GREATEST, the only one to ever come close to their live performance was commons show a little after BE was released, it was the last show of the tour. if you were there for that particular Toronto show you know he tore it up.

check out my pics when u get a chance, scrotcho.

syntifik said...

i'll check the pics !.. but right now i'm watching batman. watching batman, as i'm typing this. DOUBLE WIN.

omgggg master t! HAHAHA. you're so old.
just kidding, i remember who he is. BUT YOU'RE STILL OLD.
i concur about the "you got me" it was like 17 minutes of that shit but i was like whoaa whatt, stop, never. k thanks!

Gemini 5ive "F110" said...


Anonymous said...

I love The Roots! Kamal looks damn good in that picture, no homo. I can't believe you got to hang out with some of the members. Tuba Gooding Jr! He tore the roof off the cali show. I need to start going with you to shows. *jealous* Are you coming to Rock the Bells? I just got my ticket on Monday!


Anonymous said...

lol these captions are the best. hats versus non-hats made me lol.

syntifik said...

de : <33333!!!

adrian: you're more than welcome to any time.. i am going to rock the bells, might have to sleep on a few park benches but i'm going. got my tix..!

#3: IT LOOKS LIKE IT!! right? right? hahah

peterparkerpan said...

k so the list goes
fuck . . .
starting from scratch
matisse and now . . . . . . .

all great musicians btw

syntifik said...

hahaha.. shut up boyfriend.. I love yoooouuuuu !!