Friday, July 9, 2010



i was going to upload pics today, but i forgot my memory card so i can't :( i'll try and do it tomorrow. i said earlier this week that life sucks without any of my regulars in the city.. but it actually got pretty crazy. with the beer constantly flowing and the smoking 5 out 7 days.. yo. it has been a week. so let's wrap it up and see if words can conjure up some visuals.
so jheff and i had a feed the ducks part two. except this time, we didn't feed the ducks, we just watched other people feed them. we were sitting on the park bench.. playing talking games that you play in the park.. like the picnic game and 21 questions.. when this old lady comes by.. and she stops walking in front of us.. and starts clapping. jheff and i are kind of like.. oh.. okay. hahah. and she says this "AAAAAAAWWW ohh! how it is to be young! i used to be the same way when i was young! to sit on a bench and just chit-a-ma-chat! OHH!". it made jheff and i feel really young and awesome.. like FUCK YEAH, we're in our prime bitches!.. after our 3 hours of strolling through the park.. we went for lunch. jheff's french skills are impeccable. thanks for lunch jheff.. OHH.. and this dude doesn't smoke and he totally had a cigarette cuz i asked him to! that is some company. p.s. slurpees and redbull is that crack right?! told you!
mother fuck shit it's hot outside. now every year i go to the beach like forty times in the summer.. this was my first one yet! what! that is crazy. anyway, beach is always a good time.
nothing like an early blaze in the day to get you started. dear everyone who likes smoking, thanks for the sessions. the endless sessions just keep on going and i am loving every second. i'm going to smoke before i go to sleep. nomnom.
my cousins. the beers. the talks. scarborough. 6's in a hospital gown (FANCY! only you could rock it without looking completely homo bud, glad you're okay). hip hop debates and summer air that hits as crisp as the sound of a nike box first opening.. this summer is turning out to be a complete blast.. even if it's people calling you fat/a lesbian/a groupie. right when you think you've got nothing to do, you get a phone call and the world surprises you. i find that doing nothing with somebody can really be that nothing that's wonderful.

i'm kicking this city in the fucking nuts, and it's making my summer fucking nuts.

alex (waddup cudder, i remember you don't worry) comes in next week, for an entire weekend. i'm stoked. it'll give us a chance to catch up and see where we are. we haven't talked at all in a week.. so having an entire weekend together is really something to shout about.. it'll be an even better visit if he has a nice line up to match his fitted. WHAAAAATT! who said that..
i have a full pack of smokes, and a beer to the left of me.. and tonight, i plan to chill the fuck out and finish off with an author named eric dyson. i might have fallen out of a few people's lives.. ORRR.. might have gotten deleted off a few bbm lists.. you know, same shit.. but that's okay with me. timing is everything. & so are decisions. if i can't make up my mind, i'm perfectly fine relaxing until i'm ready to do such.

waddup drama?
eat me.

not always perfect, but at this point.. life botch is fucking bomb.


Anonymous said...

I MISS YOU BOTCH!!! have you been to any beaches yet? are you dark yet? !! usher song came on here in athens and maribeth and i were like OMG botchos song! and then we started dancing in front of the tv ! hahaha anyway this computer is taking decades to load ! Goodnight OOOPPPAA!!!

syntifik said...

I MISS YOU SO MUCH!! i went to the beach for the first time yesterday!! i'm superrr dark, i have a big white line on my back from my bikini. & my bum is so white, it's retarded. love it though. LOVE THAT YOU GUYS DANCED TO USHER! rager!! miss you guys terribly.. !! every beer i drink is for you punks! muahmuahmuah!!
OH AND YO.. i saw on the news that a bank truck crashed on the highways of europe and dropped over 500,000 euros. i hope you guys got in on that shit. holla.

jHefffffff said...

Lol, are u gonna bring the boyfs to Fiona's?! Someone I can talk Raptors with!! Toronto is gonna be so sick without Bosh. And his Argonauts just beat my Bombers =(
bwhaha should be fun...


syntifik said...

OHHHHHHHHH YEEAAAAHHHHHHH!!! he'll totally be here for that!! i guess i shall! haha.. winnerpeg bombers not so winner:(
summerrr is right!
everything is so much fun right now..!
.. but if the two of you make me feel third wheel.. i fucking swear..