Friday, April 15, 2011


The only thing I hate more than people who steal, are liars. I have never stolen anything from anybody. EVER. One time, when I was about 5, I stole a bead from a jewelry store, and I felt horrible. A BEAD! At a place where a BAG of beads sells for like a $1. LOL. SO, when someone steals from a friend, it grosses me out man. If you find $50 on the ground, fuckin a. It was your lucky day and someone's unlucky day.. BUT, when you go into someone else's bag, AND YOU TAKE WHAT BELONGS TO THEM PERSONALLY.. that shit is ridiculous. If you can't afford your lifestyle, turn it around and make sacrifices. You can view the thief, HERE
I can't cook in a messy kitchen.. and I can't read in a messy bedroom. I've started using baby oil instead of shaving cream to shave my legs. I never wax during the winter cause I really don't see a point; I only wax in the summer. ANYWAY, this baby oil has been sick shit man! I fucking love it. It's like having goddess legs inbetween shaves and I highly recommend it. It feels like you're a fuckin' video ho, without the ho'in.
I'm on a peanut butter binge. Has anyone tried those new reece's pieces ice cream bars?! HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Sex in my mouth. I also made peanut butter squares last week, and a peanut butter milk shake. Can't fucking get enough peanut butter. PEANUT BUTTER EVERYTHHIIINGGG! Smother Nas' dick in peanut butter.... yeah. yeah. TOO MUCH!
I have a love/hate relationship with this weather. I mean, I get that it's April and it should be spring and shit.. but all of the puddles are gone! & I kind of like the fact that I get to wear my fall clothes still. That, and I'm not ready to retire my tim boots and army jacket. JUST, NOT, READY.
I find it funny that people claim to love pizza so much. Like, I don't think I ever say "III LOOOOVEEEE PIZZZAAA!"; I order that shit like three times a week though. Seriously. Domino's even sends me "We miss having you" coupons if I don't order that week. I know my fuckin delivery driver by fuckin' name. His name's Dwight, and he's always on time lol. Sometimes he's early, and when that happens, I get free cinnastix! Praise the pizza love.
I like the "free press" better than the "sun". I just don't like reading the free press cause it's too fuckin' hard to read. If I actually had time in the morning, I totally would read the free press, but I don't. I'm all for the old school format, it just isn't practical - for me.
My step dad told my mom I was a good driver today. That's the best compliment I've received all year. I'm not sure if that's a good thing or totally sad. hahaha.
I actually enjoy the cops catching speeders on my block. Sucks for everyone who's speeding, sure.. but for those hours, I feel safe. & anyone who's going 90 in a 50 deserves a ticket if you ask me. Drivers, don't hate me.
Esco is starting to love my boyfriend more than me. I feel like the bad cop. I really want a reece's pieces right now. & some ice cream. OMNOMNOMNOM.

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Unknown said...

my fav line... "It feels like you're a fuckin' video ho, without the ho'in."

syntifik said...

haha! glad you caught that.

jhurffrey said...

you liar, you steal boys' hearts all the time, ya big thief! =P now gimme some pizza!

syntifik said...

hahaha AW!
let's go on a pizza date!

Anne said...

Red skirt ftw!

syntifik said...