Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I loved all the girls, til Cooke came. I fuckin' like Cooke! So she thinks a dude is hot, let her get hers man. She really didn't do shit in my opinion. ALTHOUGH, I'd have to say, dude isn't even hot! I'd much rather her hook up with Leroy. OMYGAHD. Leroy is sucha babe! Heather is weird. LOL. I'm so baffled by her. Like, she seems like she's just there to be there. TEAM LEROY AND COOKE ALL THE WAY! That next brunette girl isn't even pretty, I don't see why people think she's dope.. AND ADAM! OHLAWD. Don't even get me started on how much of a waste that guy is. So happy he's gonezo's. I enjoy this show way too much. GO COOKE! STIR SHIT UP!


Anonymous said...

Bahaha I'm hooked on this show too and I like new girl and how all the girls are paranoid! That guy heather is hooking up with is gross and she doesn't know that he fucked other guys literally !! Eeeeww. Nany is dumb ! And I like nomys style. I think leeroy is hot too but he fucked that nasty girl last show gross ! Anyways there's my two cents love ya!


syntifik said...

nany is nast. i was dying when they were saying cooke pointed at them. lol. like relax! leroy is ugly it's totally his steez that makes him so amazing. nomy was cool til she got all crazy.

tis all!

Maribeth said...

Yes! I heart you two for liking this show. Nany has got some issues. How funny was it when they replayed Cooke's "point" to Heather. I was dying of laughter! If there was really a fight I'm sure Cooke would have dominated, did you see how hard she shoved that girl during that soccer game?! LOL Anyways... TEAM COOKE! WOOO!

syntifik said...

YEAAAHH!! the point was hilarious. cooke looks fucking solid, she shouldn't even have cried. yeah right at heather thinking she could fight at all.. ANYYYWAAAYYS HEATHER, go put some lip gloss on..
COOKE FOREVER! she's the kristin cavallari of real world !