Sunday, June 27, 2010


it's syntifik sunday, and DE emailed me ten hip hop questions that he'd like to see answered. readers are dope, so i had to hand him some answers.. i expect to see your answers in the comment box de ;) hahah.. esco, let's get to bloggin.

1. Favorite Summer Album
i was going to say snoop, but i feel that's too fucking cliche. bake sale's beats hit soooo hard, and this album screams summer. it's definitely a summer banger..!! .. and nerd's seeing sounds is so summer it's redic. i was lucky enough to see both nerd and the cool kids within the same year.. and i bumped both albums thoroughly. ALL THE GIRLS STANDING IN THE LIINEEE..

2. Favorite Winter Album
i tend to get real soul easy when winter rolls around. my music tones down A LOT. i like things real smooth, but with dope lyrics. & lupe and phonte do that to the fullest. nicolay does wonders on the connected album. i feel like the best part about winter, is grabbing a warm drink.. sitting somewhere secluded like a library and listening to some real good music. both these albums have the tendency to warm me up.

3. Song that reminds you of your childhood
this was a tough one.. i had to close my eyes and place myself back to the 90's. when i was a kid, my family owned this banquet hall, where literally everyone in town had their weddings, 16th, 18th birthdays, and any social event basically. i would be there literally 4 times out the week.. and i remember the dj's always playing house of pain's jump around. that shit tore the roof off some days. my brother was a BIG onyx fan, and shit was always blazing through his headphones, so every time i hear that song.. i find myself sitting in the back seat, on my way to school, while my mom tells my brother to turn down his walkman. american pie was a song my dad sang routinely, mostly in the morning.. and my mom always sang unforgettable or k-sirrah when she would get me ready. all four of those songs bring me back to those exact moments.. i almost tear up writing about them!

4. Favorite emcee (Other than Nas)
ouch. GOOD QUESTION. i'd say it's a toss up between big l and biggie. ironic isn't it?! i done had to pick two emcees who both passed before bringing further music.. but i don't know. i think that's what makes them even more impressive.. that they could actually stand out that much without as much work as other artists. i really love slug from atmosphere too though.. this is why i hate when people ask me who my top five are.. lol

5. Favorite slept on Album
this was a hard one to answer.. i consulted with my brother.. and we brought up big l, but he really isn't THAT slept on. then we brought up onyx's baccdafukup, but it isn't really up to par.. the first naughty by nature album.. but that isnt it either.. thought maybe it could be hard to earn.. or anything by epmd.. AND FUCK. here i sit.. still stumped. SO.. i've narrowed it down to two, that are my personal favs. 1 being, outkast - atliens.. when people think of outkast, they think of aquemini and southernplay.. but atliens is soooo good. front to back that shit is timeless.. in my opinion, it's just as good! ALSO, diamond d's stunts blunts and hip hop.. that album is fucking AMAAAZINGGGGG.. and whenever i bring it up, people are like "what?".. so i just don't.. but i'll say it right now, everyone breathing should have that album.. and anything by jeru the damaja.. why do people sleep on jeru?! JERU IS SO FUCKING BOSS!

6. Favorite Summer song
beside's usher's omg?! lol.. summertime in the lbc.. of course.

7. Top 5ive producers that you like that's out right now
goodness.. i like forty, i know.. shut up. swizzy! exile.. hi-tek.. kanye (YUP!)
that's in no order though.

8. Favorite Old school producers
PREMIER, MADLIB, PETE ROCK, RZA AND DILLA.. and although i hate to admit it, jermaine dupri. i hate him to shit, but the music that leaves the booth are always big tunes.. and q-tip. every time i type one, i think of another one.. jam master jay.. alchemist.. shitttt.. i could go on forever.

9. Favorite group ( not the best just your favorite)

and finally 10. Who's your favorite DJ?
currently, dj tactics from toronto. diiiiiigg!!

thanks again for the questions de:)
that seriously took me forever.. but i got an email from loni schick today so that makes blogging all the worth while:)

so what are YOU waiting for?! ask me anything.


Anonymous said...

i'd write a fucking novel with these questions. i wouldn't be able to finish a post like this, id probably make to many changes.

Gemini 5ive "F110" said...

Well I guess it's my turn....Let's get it.

1. Favorite Summer Album: DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince- Home base
Not only does this album have one the if not the greatest summer anthems of all times but if you peep out Will's flow....he wasn't bad at all. The over all content of the album was reflecting whatever experiences Will was going through at the time. Regardless if you like Will & Jazz or not, if you go back and analyze the album it was a dope piece of work.

2. Favorite Winter Album: Jay-Z: Life and Times of S. Carter Vol. III / Dr. Dre Chronic 2001 This was a tough question even for myself to answer. On Vol. III when
Jay says: I don’t care if it’s winter; I want you to put all ya windows down. That did it for me. Between “Dope Man”, “Watch Me” and “NYMP” if you listen to these songs you can’t tell me that you can’t knock this shit in the winter. Dre’s album from start to finish
gave me a total 180 spin from the 1st chronic. The 1st one was a summer album in my opinion. 2001 had a darker edge through out the whole things. The tone just gave a winter vibe to me.

3. Song that reminds you of your childhood- Wu Tang Clan- Can it be all so simple. Every single time I hear this I get chills. It’s like my neighborhood’s anthem. It holds something in my heart that you only can feel; you can’t explain it in words.

4. Favorite Emcee I have tons of favorites but right now it’s RAEKWON. RAE IS THE MAN!!!!!!!!! That’s my pick (hands down) I won’t go on and on about it but if you haven’t sat down and truly analyzed OB4CL then you are missing out on something very special for it’s time period.

5. Favorite slept on Album- Now I’m from North Carolina, so I don’t want anybody think I’m picking this album just because this group is from North Carolina. Little Brother – The Listening. My Jaw dropped when I first heard this. I didn’t think these 3 guys were from N.C. From start to finish this album relates with everyday situations. Other than “Home Base” this is my 2nd favorite summer album.

6. Favorite Summer Song - It’s a tie between DMX’s “How it’s going down” and Raekwon’s Sneakers

7. Top 5ive producers that you like that's out right now- Thes One (People under the stairs) Oddisse, Black Milk, Madlib, and DOOM.

8. Favorite old school producers- Lord Finesse, Diamond D, Pete Rock, Rza, and Dilla.
Their all legends, I don’t have to explain their work….

9. Favorite group (not the best just your favorite) - OUTKAST

10. and finally 10. Who's your favorite DJ? - Jazzy

syntifik said...

#1: haha that's exactly how i felt!! but my answers are right at the moment, so i guess that's fine for now.. my mood on music changes daaaaaily. i'd love to hear some of your thoughts though!

de: I FORGOT ABOUT SUMMERTIME!! summa summa summa tiiiimeee..! anyone who doesn't like will is crazy.. anyone who can rap without swearing and STILL sounds that ill is a fucking genius.
i was going to mention dre/jay, but i strayed away, glad you mentioned them.
can it all be so simple: CUTE.
haha raekwon is the man.. i've loved him since time.. !! i've seen him twice and met dude, and the experience was bliss.. kinda douchey though.. don't hate me for saying so.
I WAS GONNA MENTION LITTLE BROTHER TOOO! AHHA.. but i didnt cause i already mentioned the foreign exchange and thought that sufficed.
6 - we. need. to. hang. out.
7 - oddisee is big.. black milk has improved SOOOO much. he just keeps getting better and better.. and *slap my head* for not mentioning doom.
8 - dig.
9 - i can understand that.
10 - saw him live too, he's redic.
so same life all day every day or what?!

Anonymous said...

1. Favorite Summer Album
Little brother - the listening

i know this came out a little after christmas but i fell inlove with this album along with foreign exchange so i bumped it all through out summer and i still do.

2. Favorite Winter Album
anything dilla related.

3. Song that reminds you of your childhood
Kris kross - i missed the bus
anytime and everytime i missed the school bus i always sing the chorus to this. =)

4. Favorite emcee (Other than Nas)

Black Thought his flow and delivery is crazy, so underrated

5. Favorite slept on Album(s)
god wow, lets see...

Champ Mc - ghetto flava (dope album front to back one of those classic gems no one really talks bout)

Cormega - the realness (cormega is slept on period)

6. Favorite Summer song
feel me flow and of course summer time...nothing feels more nostalgic then pulling out a drive way as summertime first starts to play..

7. Top producers that you like that's out right now
exile, oddisee, illmind, symbolic1, marco polo, khrysis, slakah the beatchild, kev brown, rik marvel, nottz, blackmilk, wajeed, nicolay!

8. Favorite Old school producers
Premo, dilla, domino, rza, pete rock...god to many
9. Favorite group ( not the best just your favorite)
The Roots

10. Who's your favorite DJ?
DJ Neil Armstrong

Gemini 5ive "F110" said...

I head the same thing about Rae, but I guess that's what happens when you been doing if for so long and live that life. I totally agree with you about Black Milk, the 1st time I heard him I said: he's not the greatest but he'll grow if he keeps going and look at him now. And I agree with your answer on number 6 ;)

syntifik said...

#1: little brother is too underrated.
2- cosign on the dilla. easy listening is winter.
3 - LOL! i always crossed the velcro on my sneakers in kindergarten and called it "kriss kross" to be cool :/
4 - ferrsure.
5 - CORMEGA IS SO UNDERRATED!! the man spits fucking fire! i love him til death. he's def. in my top ten.. dont know where though.
6- concur.
7 - you named three people i dont know:(
9 - get to see them tonight:)

de: yeah hes a straight up douche bag.. but he performs well and i'd see him again LOL.. black milk is going to keep on getting better.. i get excited every time i hear new shit from him.

Anonymous said...

I should get in on this. I'll comment my answers tomorrow! - This is Ryan by the way.

syntifik said...

i look forward to it!!