Saturday, June 26, 2010




a female sneakerhead, writer and hip hop photographer.

being a female sneakerhead is difficult. i can't stress that enough. when you're a girl, addicted to sneakers, we want the same thing the boys get. we're trying to avoid all that girly butterfly vomit that companies throw at us, while still trying to hold down our femininity. this girl makes it look fucking easy.

hailing from sask (yes, SASK! she's canadian too!!!), loni seems to understand sneakerheads through and through. in an interview with fsf, she states, "Instead of just taking a picture, I want them to have a capsule of their collection, So, when they’re older, they’ll always have these pictures to document the love they had for these kicks they spent so much money on and feel so passionate about."

how can you not love this girl?! she's beautiful, she's a hip hop head, and she has a passion for sneakers.. and she's captivating the worlds beauty one picture at a time.. plus she digs mob!!

she is going to be doing big tings! so make sure you don't sleep..!

you can check her out here:


Anonymous said...

her pictures are dope! that corndog one is so ill.

syntifik said...

i know!! that one is def one of my favs!! i wish i could've posted it!!

Maribeth said...

YEEEEEESSS best sneaker post yet!
this girl takes great photos and the cherry on top is that shes a sneaker head! yaaay female canucks!

syntifik said...

hahah! thanks ma! glad you commented.. she's so dope i fucking love her..
love how you said "canucks" omg.. you're the best. ahaha lamer.