Saturday, June 12, 2010


sorry i've been away for awhile. my boyfriend's been away for three weeks and just arrived in the city. i only have til sunday to hang out with him.. which sucks, cause we haven't even really hung out yet:( i'm only able to get to my computer now because he's currently watching the world cup.. HI! we're in the same city and i still miss you!! i'm still hungover as fuck from last night.. so i refuse to do a sneaker saturday today. that takes too much effort with this banger of a headache. allison and i made a night of nothing into a night of a whole lot of something..! saw amber, which was nice. seeing amber out of the blue is always nice. tonight i have to go to two weddings and gem's birthday, and MAYBE republic.. i don't know how i'm going to do it all.. so here it goes! i'm pretty fucking tired and wanna sleep til forever or some shit.
it's only fucking four!? i feel like it's 9 or something!! uggghhh.. slow down life:(

i want ice cream.


Anonymous said...

"I have all these parties to go to, Argh, Why is life so hard?"

LOL, Relax. I envy your life.

syntifik said...

hahahaha i guess i really do think i'm a princess:(

BUT SERIOUSLY.. some times it's exhausting.