Friday, June 18, 2010


& for more pics, all you gotta do is get lost between god and a shot of scotch.


what's been going on in your life this past week botch?! ohh well why don't you let me show youuu..

penthouse view is too beautiful. i live for summer.

"botch you want this charcoal bbq?"

awww ice cream birthday cake! so cute! even better eating cake in the car while on a beer run. yayurr.

we have one million pictures together.. and this is the first fail.

dirty money!

my current new fun gal pal..!

marti i want your tayf!!


tj is captain morgan and i am just a wreck.

alli holds it down for me though..

blog world, meet jono.. !

dammit richard your eyes are closed.. try again.

we did it!

and just because it's richard and i love him?!

happy birthday alli!!

this is marti.. i love him.. and i hate him for having such white teeth.. fuck you marti.. you handsome fuck.

this is chief:)

then my memory started getting hazy..

"why is there meat on the table!?!!?!!"

and this, is nick!

wedding dessert to add to my thighs.

and this.. is my mom. do we look alike?


nothing like a shit load of beer, wings, basketball, and then some fucking cruising.. while listening to biggie. gimmie the loot.

peace singers hurting my lunch! i'm not a complete bitch, i'm jus sayin..

bonibelle wasn't down for it either.. we're trying to eat here.


we visited the witch's hut.. and she was scary as fuck. i cringed.

it's mother fucking shit scary in there forreals.

and then we fed ducks! & got eaten alive by mosquitoes cuz that's fun?!

we decided the ducks with purple feathers were the lakers and the green ones were celtics.. kobe hogged all the food.. irony.

pierce and kobe, chillin.

couples walking in the park = cute

ANDDDDDDDDDDD it was a good week! ANDDD it's also the weekend!! so fuck yeah!! let's fucking rage!! i wanna get stupid drunk..

and this week was a really HARD, brutal, too much working not enough playing week.. so i'm about to take a load off.. raaaaaaaaaagggeee!

and also.. FUCK THE LAKERS!! you sunnuvahh beeetchesss!!


jHefff said...

Lol. Kobe is champ. Those ducks were good luck!
Time to find some blue and gold colored ducks for those Bombers haha.
And Red/black next year for the Raptors =/

syntifik said...

hahaha fuck those ducks then.. and i think we need more than ducks for the bombers..
and like five billion other animals for the raptors. boom. roasted.